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Phone mounts, tablet tripods and laptop risers – bring the device to you. Adjustable and ergonomic


Wholesale price adjustable metal table – originally designed for the laptop and is one of the most useful gadgets. It is neither a toy nor an ornament but a thing that meets a real need. How many times have you sat on the bed or sofa and tried to work on your laptop but could not find [...]

Dell Docking Station Mounting Kit Easily mount your Dell Docking station behind a monitor, to a wall, under the desk or to any flat surface using this mounting kit for a clutter-free workspace. Media   Clutter-free workspace Free up desk space with the Dell Docking Station Mounting kit. Simply attach the mounting bracket to your [...]


Maximize desk space with improved viewing distance Space saving, the Dell Dual Monitor Stand – MDS19 mounts up to two 27-inch monitors, providing the screen real estate you need to be most productive. Designed to have a 30% smaller footprint and a greater viewing distance than its predecessor, the Dell Dual Monitor Stand – MDS19 [...]


Compact and secure MFF stand offers a clean workspace The new Micro Form Factor All-in-One Stand – MFS18 provides space saving, clutter-free aesthetics with ultimate display configurability and flexibility. Maximize your desk space with the Dell Micro Form Factor All-in-One Stand which houses the OptiPlex MFF desktop and monitor in a small footprint. The stand [...]

Looking for a way to watch TV / zoom meetings / instructional videos and more in a convenient, practical and useful way? Spoil yourself with hands-free viewing of your smartphone and tablet. This floor stand for smartphones and tablets is a stable and special stand that includes a flat metal leg and a metal bar [...]


Introducing the ultimate laptop stand! Adjust the height and size in accordance with your needs for maximum comfort. Save space with this foldable laptop stand! Easy and convenient to use and does not need advanced tools to assemble it. Includes a drawer and a USB fan to cool your lapdown down! Great for students who like to eat while they work on their laptop.


Lenovo TAB M10 HD TB-X306 (2ND GEN) • Designed for a perfect fit for a tablet • Unique and impressive design for children • Can be set up in a way that allows you to watch movies comfortably • Protects the tablet from dust, shocks and blows


This Magnetic Expansion Bracket acts as an adjustable Laptop Side Mount Clip. Provides a stable and comfortable stand for the smartphone, places the smartphone in front of the eyes and allows a quick and convenient connection of a charging cable. This is a new way to have a dual screen! Includes a metal device for [...]


Magnetic car phone holder attaches itself to the AC vent of your car. No need for installation and / or gluing! The connection is made using vent clips and includes metal plates for gluing on the smartphone or any gadget you want to attach.


A folding laptop stand is a great solution for changing the angle of the keyboard and getting 8 degrees, which allows for more comfortable typing and the possibility of creating airflow and improving the cooling system for the laptop. Attaches to laptop using double-sided adhesive (included).  


Ever tried to take a selfie or video of yourself only to be dismayed at how unflattering and unprofessional it came out? Move over shaky selfie videos – introducing the tripod for a smartphone or camera! Don’t let shakey hands ruin your photo or video an enjoy professional and stable selfie videos at last. This [...]


For mounting the Optiplex Micro chassis under a table or desk or on a wall. Includes Power Adapter mount. Includes a power adapter box enclosure

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